FDRQ 1.7.0 – New MDRL Upgrades

We expect migration to be completed by Mar 1st 2017. New version 1.7 (English) has following upgrades:

  1. Module to connect Free Data Recovery Quote and My Data Recovery Lab Support (Sign-Up)
  2. Admin panel changes
  3. Private message update/Submit

HDD Serial Commander 2.0 Public Beta

Public beta version of HDD Serial Commander is out. New utility from ADRECA to control a hard disk drive, edit firmware or in some cases gives you access to various data areas on Seagate, Samsung and Toshiba hard disk drives via a serial terminal port. It contains diagnostic commands translated to English, sorted by level, each available to be drag-and-dropped and executed in sequence or one-by-one. Download demo for free at http://www.hddserialcommander.com.