FDRQ version 1.4.1

It is a great preasure to announce Free Data Recovery Quote is running on its latest update (1.4.1). Current version uses in-house algorithm determining a visitor’s country from their IP address. This update leads us to the next one in which we will be able to offer our services in more languages. The next big update should be available for public beta testing by mid June 2015. Currently Free Data Recovery Quote is able to accurately estimate data recovery cost in the vast majority of countries. Since the currency exchange is still not implemented prices are given in USD. Please report bugs here.

After this latest update has been published we are seeing greater traffic on our servers for about 300%. Most of the users are still coming from the United States of America. However, we are seeing more and more users from the UK, Russia, Australia, Germany, Belgium and Poland.

We hope that once the first major language barrier is gone more users from Latin America will use our services. Thank you for using FDRQ 1.4.1.