Free Data Recovery Quote (USA) is Public Beta!

We have been working on Advanced Data RECovery Analytics or ADRECA for a while now. During the early stage of development, Igor Sestanj (Data Recovery Specialist) and Dejan Jankovic ( Software developer ) completed the ‘request stage’ in early spring 2012. This version was developed in Adobe Flash/Flex environment and had serious issues with mobile platforms.

Later, we moved to PHP and developed Free Data Recovery Quote is now available in English in the USA as public beta. Our goal is to improve consumer experience. Research has shown if an estimate is given before the drive is delivered to the provider’s lab the entire process is sped up significantly. Based on data collected from tens of thousands of previous cases we developed a web service that generates estimates accurately.

The estimate is based on user provided information and it is currently adjusted to USA market.

We’d like to invite all interested parties, including providers from USA and other English speaking countries around the world, to participate! To test our new service, all we need from you is a valid email address, used to create a request and to view the actual quote.

When we conceived Adreca the idea was to make an independent computer program which would be able to perform these types of calculations. Our logo, Adreca was inspired by Douglas Adams’ “Deep Thought” from his novel The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The final vector was created by Mr. Darko Pivas, an artist from Belgrade, Serbia. We look forward to Adreca providing a more reasonable answer than simply “42”?