Chatbot Ada

Ada is a chatbot designed to estimate recover-ability of your data using statistical information from previous cases. Chatbot is named after Ada Byron of Lovelace the very first programmer in history and likely the first person to suffer from data loss. Ada is an agent based on Google’s DialogFlow platform and FDRQ 2.0 published by Advanced Data Recovery Analytics. Major assistance provided by Pevac DevOps!

  • Estimate recover-ability of data without lab analysis.
  • Find the best option in user area (county or zip)

Official website

Chatbot Ada or any parts of this project have nothing to do with! Universal support available in the USA


HDD Serial Commander helped recovering 6 disks RAID

MyDataRecoveeyLab recently assisted in recovery of data from a RAID with 6 Seagate 1TB drives using HDD Serial Commander, Ubuntu and R-Studio (licensed to customer).

Our technological partners were able to repair corrupted firmware on these drives using nothing but our software. One drive were able to read data again they imaged them using dd and finally assemble images to get data back.

Great work guys!

HDD Serial Commander 2.2.2

In the latest update:

  1. Seagate F3 Level T – V┬ácommand properties added
  2. Seagate F3 Level T – i command properties added
  3. Seagate F3 Level T – m command properties added
  4. New utils and actions modified
  5. New images added